Dorperschafe - Vollblutschafe


Schwarzkopf Dorper

The Dorpersheep developed in the 40's in South Africa from the output races of the horned Dorset and the blackhead Perian Sheep. They are hair sheep and therefore lose their wool in the summer so they must'nt be sheared. Comparison attempts of Dorper with other sheep races in South Africa resulted in a generally superiority of the Dorper in the case of the fertility and the growth. You must consider the quality of the battle bodies of young Dorpers, which is confirmed by results from the USA. Dorpers were compared in custom crossings for the production of battle lambs with supports of other races. A three-year scientific work in Switzerland resulted in that the Dorpersheepe is superior in all important characteristics in relation to the battle body quality of the white alpine sheep descendants, what proceeds to a 10% higher yield for each lamb.

  • Dorpers obtain with the same weight a 1.17% higher yield and so a about 3% higher battle yield 
  • in the evaluation of the fleshyness the battle bodies of the Dorpers are around 0.6 points better judged than battle bodies of the white alpine sheep descendants
  • in the fat class the Dorpers with a corrected average value of 2.9 points lies around 0.4 points more near at the ideal value desired of 3 points and receives thereby fewer departures in the price per Kilo battle weight. The weight of the valuable Fleshpieces Gigot and backs lies because of the higher battle weight for the Dorper Sheep 0,6 Kilo over that one of the white alpine sheep descendants

With such results a Fullblood-Dorpwe can be used at any time as father race for customs crossings. Descendants of Dorperfathers obtain better battle achievements and higher proceeds opposite descendants of other sheep races